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Our family's German Shepherd, Max can really make a mess of the yard, especially when the snow melts. My kids always dread having to pick up after a winter's worth of Max's poop. The standard method was to get out the shovels and paper grocery bags and have at it. My kids look at every excuse of getting out of this job. It never fails, one of them will be holding the bag trying to get the poop in it, it rolls off the shovel and it touches their hand. They immediately throw up their hands, throw down the shovel in disgust and refuse to pick any more up. The other excuse is that it makes them nauseous and they have to go lay down. I end up blowing a gasket and tempers ensue.

I saw a google ad for pooper scooper with bagholder and went to the website. I watched the videos and ended up buying one. I can't tell you what a difference this thing makes. It has metal claws that pull the poop cleanly out of the grass. It also has this plastic bag holder that snaps on and you attach a plastic grocery bag to it. (A little tricky at first, but I got the hang of it.) When you grab the poop with the claws is drops easily into the bag. Your hands don't get near the poop you don't have hold a bag or bend down. The first time I used it I got done in half the time. I like it so much I don't mind picking up after Max anymore. I'm happy the kids are happy, great product! I forgot to mention that it's called the Sooper Scooper (www.sooperscooper.com).

My kids and I are big fans of Shark Tank and they tell me I should call the guy on the website and tell him to go on the show.:)
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