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not eating?

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My dog is almost 7 months old. We've been feeding him twice a day -- once in the morning, around 8:00, and once in the evening, around 6:30-7:00. Lately -- I would say for the past week or so, he hasn't been that interested in his breakfast. Sometimes he'll eat some of it, and sometimes he won't touch it. He ALWAYS eats his dinner -- every bite. He gets about 1 1/4 cups at each meal -- according to the guidelines on the bag for his age and weight. I just add whatever he didn't eat at breakfast to his dinner.
When we first got him, the vet told us to feed him twice a day. Is this the dog's way of telling me that he's ready to start eating one meal a day intstead of two?
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you would think he would be more hungry in the mornings.

Is he still gaining weight?
Ludo went through this. Around the same age, too. I fed him two meals (still do) 8am and 8pm every day. He would not touch his breakfast.

Ludo is a Husky. Huskys are known for self regulating their food intake. They often need less than other dogs of the same size. That is what the old vet told me. But it still worried me.

I would entice Ludo to eat breakfast. I would make it a game. I would scoop up a handful out of his bowl (only do this if there is no food aggression) and hand feed him while making him do tricks. Not only was he eating, but he was getting training in too! Once he had gotten some exercise, he would be hungry and eat his breakfast on his own.

He eventually outgrew this stage and now eats heartily at nearly every meal. He still has days when he will skip a meal, however.

One or two meals skipped is not a big deal (for most dogs). More than that usually deems looking in to.

Good luck
Yeah, he's still gaining weight and has tons of energy. I did get him to eat the other day by getting him to eat out of my hand and moving it closer and closer to his bowl until he was eating out of the bowl, but my husband is against doing that. He has a vet appointment on Wednesday, so we'll see what she has to say.
Good luck. As long as he seems fine, I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes they just aren't hungry - like us. It becomes an issue when they stop eating altogether or stop drinking water.
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