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Not bonding. Keep or return??

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I am not a new dog owner. I recently got a 9 week old puppy and he has bonded to me. I have not bonded to him as much as I want to and I feel terrible about it!! I've had other dogs before they were not purebred as this new one is & I received them at an age 3 months older than this one. He is so very TINY and honestly reminds me of a little kitten. My last dog was "small", as l always referred to her as, but passed at 18 pounds. Is it the breed I chose that may be wrong for me?? Should I return him to the breeder so he can go to someone who's bonds back to him?? I do everything a responsible dog owner is supposed to do and we play and I "love on him" & praise him etc... But don't feel bonded. Haven't even found a name I like for him..
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How long have you had him? What breed is he?

As far as the name thing, it took me a couple of weeks to settle on Ilka's name, and I had one cat that I called simply "Black Cat" for over a month until his actual name of Damascus came out one day.
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