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Was hoping to get some help. My 1.5 mutt developed something on his nose. At first the hair in the small area disappeared and then it scabbed over, the first picture shows the small scabs. I checked and they weren’t ticks or anything like that. Then, 2 days later the scab came off and the second picture shows what his nose looks like now - it’s a lot larger bump then it was and it’s pink. It feels wet to the touch sometimes. The dog is not scratching or liking it and it doesn’t seem to bother him, but I’m freaking out. Could it be some fungal or bacterial infection? I tried taking him to an ER hospital but they wouldn’t admit him unless it was life threatening so I scheduled a vet appointment but it’s weeks away because they are so booked. Has anyone had such an experience or any ideas or thoughts on it? Any help is greatly appreciated! My dog is a mutt and is 1.5 years old. Recently groomed and I applied the flea and tick meds a few days after. In good health overall - no issues. Neutered like 6 months ago, went well. Please help!


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