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Nose-bopping and other charming ways pups answer questions

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My puppies are adorable in a thousand ways, but one of them has a behavior that is especially endearing. If he wants to answer "yes" to a question, and we're face to face, he will bop me in the nose with his nose. It's the cutest thing ever.

It started when I trained them to ring the potty bell. (I use a kind that sits on the floor and looks like a "ring to summon someone to come help you" type bell, but with a larger area to suit puppy paws). Jackson rings it with his paw like I taught him... but Dabney always uses his nose to ring it.

It wasn't long after that he started bopping MY nose with his when I asked him if he needed to go potty. The expression he has on his face just before he bops, and the way he peers into my eyes right after to make sure I've understood, is priceless!

The other day, I was cuddling with him and said "I looooove you, Dabney!" He let out a little cry of happiness and nose-bopped me, then started kissing me and wagging his tail like crazy... his way of saying "I love you too" perhaps? :)

Anyone else's pup have an adorable quirky way of answering questions?
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My fiancees parents own a standard poodle who does a similar bop. He normally just comes and sits very nicely right in front of you, and plops his big ol' paw right on your lap and just sits there. He does it ALL the time.
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