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I was looking through all the photo posts and all the "what breed is my dog?" posts and it got me thinking..I wonder if you all could tell me what my dog possibly is. She's about 11 and we've had her since she was about 8 months old, when we got her the shelter said she was Norwegian Elkhound, possibly a mix and we've never really known. She's definitely not as fluffy as the elkhounds we've met. Anyway here is some pictures of her! It was hard to get them as she kept laying down with her belly up every time I came near her with the camera!

And yes, she's very overweight..we're working on that!

Also..normally her tail curls up on her back, I just couldn't get her not to wag it in the pictures!

Paw Carnivore Canidae Fawn Cat
Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae
Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae
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