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I am new to the whole dog forum thing. But my childhood hobby has been to read A LOT of information about dogs, their breeds etc. and I came across the site and figured it would be a nice community to join. :wave: So hi.

I had the scare of my life today when my dog peed blood, of course I knew that it could just be a UTI, or some small stones etc and he wasnt going to drop dead. But as I got the hospital I started to panic and think what if this would require surgery. What if his kidneys were failing. What if I'm going to be forced into a position to decide hard choice with regards to him and money. (I am a student) And like $500 and 4 hrs later I can leave with a bunch of meds and quite a bit of relief. He's not 100% and the new food and meds have him messing in the house but at least he'll get better.

And I should just let you all know, just as fair warning. I love cats too (hence the name) I have a kitty named after Hachi (the Japanese do). lol
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