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Have the dog tested for low thyroid. You have to send the blood test to a specific lab, though, because most labs aren't sensitive enough. I've seen a good number of stories lately about fearful dogs suffering from hypothyroidism. Treating the HT does not cure the fear, but it does calm it down enough that you can work on it.

I have felt you pain. Muggsy was terrified of thunder and fireworks. He would start shaking and panting 20 minutes before I could see any evidence of a storm and not stop until an hour after it was over. It's awful to see a dog so afraid. Shaking and panting was the improvement, btw. Before that, it was screaming and clawing at the walls to get out until his nails bled. I wish I had seen the HT stories earlier. I wonder if it could have helped.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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