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No Challenge Too Big

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A story that puts things in perspective.
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What an amazing story, very inspiring. Thanks for posting it.
psh... I'm not impressed. She did it all with an easily tractable breed, go out and do it with a hound and get back to me lady! And now a border collie? What kind of slacker crap is this?

(Just kidding.... this was seriously amazing. Makes my training look like a total joke :()
WOW!!! That's amazing! Good for her!
A story that puts things in perspective. Indeed.
Yet another example of how craptastic I am of a trainer.

I can't even get Wally to pick up anything on the ground with any consistency - much less pick it up, hold it, and then give it to me.

Heck, "shake" was just ridiculously hard for me to get him to understand.


I wish I was as good - even 1/4 as good as this lady.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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