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OldNgray is correct. The crate should not be used in any negative way. If you need to get a break, either “time out” behind a gate and ignored or if you have to use crate, it’s “time for a break” in a happy tone.
I’m not sure why your dogs feel the need to protect you, but you need to assure them that You can handle it. It’s not their job to protect you from another housemate.
Start thinking about this in a different way. She is not trying to be a brat. She just doesn’t know what to do with herself or how to relax. She’s been with you a very short time.
You have a teenage working breed. Hanging around the house won’t cut it. She sounds like she needs more physical exercise - meaning structured walks outside the yard. And mental stimulation like working on cues (Sit, Down, stay, play hide n seek, etc...) and doing food puzzles, like a treat ball and a Frozen Kong.
Reward her with a treat for any calm behaviors, if she’s sitting or laying down or just being calm.
You got this. Stay consistent and positive. It will get better!
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