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I would separate this dog from the other dogs. And I would keep this dog separate from the other dogs. That gives you an opportunity to work with this dog alone. What gender is the Newfie? If that dog is a female and they have already had a fight the next fight, which is coming. may be to the death. Males fight for breeding rights. Females fight for breathing rights.

I agree with Canyx.. inappropriate behavior the dog does NOT get what she wants. A time out is good. Right into the crate or kennel or another room (I prefer the crate or kennel with nothing to self amuse or self reward).

I would make her work for everything. She gets what she wants ONLY after you get what you want. Nothing in Life is Free. Calm behavior requires you to be calm first in voice and actions. Any teeth to skin results in time out. Leave a leash on the dog when out of the kennel or crate so you can pick it up and put the dog up (never have a collar on a dog in a kennel or crate).

Tug with a ball on a rope or a tug toy with two handles is a good reward if the dog will engage with toys. I suspect she will. Let her win some of the time so she does not get frustrated with the game and lose interest (but have the leash on her so she cannot run off with the toy and amuse herself). The ONLY time she gets that toy is when you are working with her.

Good luck.
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