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nipping right before bed

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Our Shih Tzu will be 2 in May and lately when it is time for bed, he tries to bite me. He starts off sleeping beside me and when it is time to put him in the crate he growls and tries to bite me. I tell him it is bed time but he gets very angry. We just purchased a play yard and are thinking about getting rid of the crate and using the play yard for nighttime instead.
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Do you try to pick him up and physically move him to his crate? If so, I would stop. It's likely the dog is afraid and does not really like to be picked up, especially when he's sleepy and likely a bit cranky. It's kind of like if you had gone to sleep and then some big creature woke you up, picked you up, and suddenly and made you leave your comfy spot and go someplace else while you were still delirious from sleep! Some dogs really are not great at waking up!

Try using a yummy treat instead to lure him to his crate. You might also try starting him in the crate or on his own bed to begin with, then you can eliminate the problem completely.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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