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Hi, 20 year cocker spaniel owner here.. I just had the worst grooming experience ever after trying out a new mobile groomer. I won't even get into the long details of everything that went wrong, I will just jump to 2 questions I have.. #1, what causes a coat to look like cordoroy? There are long deep clipper lines everywhere. It looks like she is wearing a thick cordoroy vest from the 1970's! #2, the groomer used a very strong smelling cleaner on a cotton round to wipe my dogs eyes and then clean the ears. One round, same round, one round for both eyes then ears. My dog fought when he came at her with it to do her eyes, she never does this, I wipe her eyes twice a day with gentle cleaner and she never fusses about it, never had one smell that strong. Like antiseptic or something. Any ideas what that was?
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