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Nice To Meet You

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Introducing a girl with a laptop, hot cup, and big pup from Pennsylvania, USA! I've had dogs for as long as I've been alive, so I'm confident in my knowledge. My current dog is a male Labrador Retriever named "Bear". He's a therapy dog, so before the pandemic I would bring him to hospitals and schools to cheer people up. I would also do Rally with him. Since we've been cooped up, most of Bear's training has consisted of teaching him to walk off-lead better, shake hands, jump, squeeze under something, track scents, sit on chairs, push soccer balls, and basically anything I can think of. So I'll just be here looking around!:)
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Welcome. It's nice to see someone else who does Rally. It's my favorite thing. My two girls are Rotties. Had to quit Rally with the older (8) because of arthritis, but she has her RM. Younger one (6) also has her RM and hope to finish her RACH in spite of limited trial opportunities because of lockdowns.
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