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We're currently testing a bike attachment leash from a very creative gentleman (and fellow engineer!). He made the bike tow leash with specific engineering controls to keep both the rider and dog safe during bike rides. The days of riding down the street with your dog on a leash are OVER.

We have had our sample for around 3-4 days now and are extremely impressed. The leash is easy to install, keeps the dog at a perfect distance away, and (most important) doesn't let her pull to the side!!! The product is definitely not cheap, but you should never put a price on the safety of you and your dog. I like it because going for walks is too slow of a pace to tire Penny out, but now with her attached to the bike, she is very tired when we get home!

His manufacturing facility is undergoing some upgrades because of the already high demand, but we should have the product available for purchase on our site soon (within the next month I hope)- so keep this link handy and we will update when we have it!!!

Get excited to ride with your dog!!!!

Matt and Penny
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