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Hey guys! I am Emily and I am new to a whole lot of places... Including here! I'm from South Carolina but now living in Rhode Island. I moved away from the pup I grew up with and my favorite, Maggie May- a miniature schnauzer that knows my every command and is my best friend. Only to move into an apartment with a 10 year old named Sawyer that doesn't really get me, we don't really mesh, and I want to try and change that. This is the first dog that I've ever come in contact with that I haven't been able to truly understand and figure out. So I'm here to ask advice from those who might be able to help.

I'm all about helping pups get the best out of life so that they can dream about new things and basically live that life that party life that they will forever want back in their golden years. I do the same for my cat. Adventures for us are sweeter when you can see another learning about the great outdoors as well.
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