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Congrats, good that your doing your research and shopping ahead of time. Training has come pretty far since I was a kid and there is lots of new info/resources out there and so far this puppy is coming along further and faster than any of my previous (her being a razor sharp aussie helps but training really has evolved).

Zack George on youtube it probably a good place to start for quick, digestible training methods/tips (His fetch method worked for me, his sit/down/up/stand lures worked for me). I also like Stonnie Dennis for more in depth stuff although he is definitely more sporting dog focused and more balanced in methodology than Zack (his 'puppy shaping' method, passive impulse control, and heel method are working well for me). Also Zack is very metropolitan (train the dog to walk in suburbia, manage begging, street noise etc.) and Stonnie is straight up Tennessee (train the dog to sit on an ATV while you shoot stuff, bring back ducks and/or guard your junkyard).

Work with them now while they are young, every chance you get from day one! Work inside, then outside, then down the road, then at the park. They don't generalize environment and you have to teach them to listen everywhere by making/encouraging them do so. Everything you do with the dog can have the three added dimensions of Duration, Distance and Distraction (The 3 'D's) and you have to train the dog by simulating these things. First it's sit from in front of the dogs face, then it's staying seated, sitting from 5 feet, 10 feet...sitting outside, sitting near the street, near another dog...

Also you should figure out if you are going to crate or pen w/ pee pads or what, how you are going to limit access to other rooms and then make the appropriate plans/arrangements...The first few weeks of potty training are real tough. It's true that if you yell they will just start dropping those deuces behind stuff. It's true that they need to learn not to go in every new room. Gotta get them out every time they wake up and bear the messes with stoicism, I won't let mine upstairs until she has gone outside... there is no shortcut that will grow the dogs bladder (no matter how much my wife hates her going inside) and accidents are usually my fault and not the dogs.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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