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New user, Just wanted to say hello.

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Hello fellow dog owners. My name is Randy and my girlfriend is Amanda. We own 2 beautiful pitbulls named Zeus and Zoe. Zoe is a blue nose pit and Zeus is a red nose. She is 13 weeks old and Zeus is 9 weeks old. I found this forum while searching for info on the raw diet.

Here are our babies.....

Zoe being cute....

Zeus waiting for a treat....
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Your dogs are SO cute!!! Welcome to the forum!
Welcome!!!!! looking forward to lots of pics!
Thanks... oh don't worry.. we have taken so many pictures and are constently taking more lol.
Aww...they are both very cute......it could be the picture but Zoe's nose looks black and Zeus has a butterfly nose or dudley nose?...I can never remember which is which LOL:D...eh oh well

Please post more pictures of them ...they look super sweet ....welcome to DF!
Oh cuteness! It sure is fun and a handful raising 2 puppies close in age. Our two are litter mates and all I can say they continue to make us laugh and taining sure was a challenge.
Oh how cute...and hope you don't plan to clip their ears...they look so cute with the floppiness that's going on. :D
Thanks again guys/gals.

It is a bit of a handfull raising 2 pups but it's well worth it. They makes us laugh all day long. Oh, don't worry I will not be clipping either of their ears. We don't like the long of them at all and plus if the dog was meant to have clipped ears they would have been born with them. That's our opinion.

Here are 2 from yesterday.... love the look on Zeus' face in the 2nd picture....

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They are quite a pair......very cute:D

is Zoe's coat color blue fawn?....I don't think I could handle 2 APBT pups at one time......Isis is a handful by herself :D
They are quite a pair......very cute:D

is Zoe's coat color blue fawn?....I don't think I could handle 2 APBT pups at one time......Isis is a handful by herself :D
Yes she is but the blue isn't as noticable as I thought it would be, but still a very nice color.
Oh it's a handful but we wanted to have our 2 dogs grow up with one another and be the same age. Lucky I work days and Amanda works nights, so there is always someone home with them.
I'm not great at the whole color thing...maybe another member (spicy) will pop in....but I have seen that there can be a wide range in the colors....especially in fawn...I have seen very light ones and darker almost tan ones...then you throw in the blue aspect

What did her parents look like?
Very cute :D :D Though I don't understand the whole "nose" thing because they both look like they have black noses to me!
Wow I really do need some new pictures up. They look so differnet now. Especially Zeus. He looks really fat in the first picture.
They are heart breakers!!! Such cutie pies!!!!
Hello, I am a new user as well, and I must say that those are some adorable pit bulls. It's a shame that some people give these dogs such bad reputations. My family and me breed German Rottweilers, and it hurts me to see crude stereotypes about k9's such as pitbulls and rottweilers, when in fact they are such loving, caring and loyal companions.
Welcome to the forum!
I used to walk a pair of dogs named Zues and Zoe, neat. More pics please!
beautiful pups you got there!:D
So very, very cute!
Thanks for the kind words guy/gals. They are very cute and even though they are starting to get bigger their still cute as ever. I have my g/f sending me some pictures from home so I can post new ones. They have gotten so big since the Raw Food Diet. Not from over feeding but from all the protein from the meat. Plus we walk and take them to the park more now that they are a bit older and can run alot more.
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