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New urination problem.

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Any insight on why my Dachshund is suddenly peeing, seemingly only in response to me? I'm gonna try to describe this the best I can, but it's mind boggling. The vet cleared him, so now I think we have a behavioral problem on our hands. The only background on Jonas that I think could be related to this is Jonas is very possessive of me, and is not really a fan of any one else. He follows me around, is only happy to see me, and spends all of his time within two inches of me.

The times he pees are when he's laying on the couch, and I approach him. He wags his tail very excitedly and then will pee. He also pees when it's time for bed. We have to go downstairs to our bed, and he'll follow me to the stairs, and when I go to pick him up he'll pee. Same with going upstairs in the morning. He'll also sometimes pee right after I come back and sit down by him, even if I only walked away for a minute. Oh, and when I come home. Lately I've found ignoring him when I come home until he's calm results in no peeing. Typically the pee formula is mom + approaching = wagging tail, looking up excitedly, occasionally rolling over onto his back, and peeing.

I'm aware rolling on his back and urination is a sign of submission, and he has always rolled on his back when I approach him. But the peeing is a completely new thing, and I can't figure out how to stop it AND why it is only in response to me. Our relationship hasn't changed, BUT he was neutered about 3 months ago, and then this started and now I'm trying to figure out if I made a mistake having him neutered. He was my first dog that came to me NOT already altered.
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It's called submissive urination. Sometimes it doesn't start until they are not babies anymore. I had a Cocker start doing it around 6 or 7 months old. I just learned to take him out back before greeting him, and not to talk "baby" talk to him.
I guess just be grateful you don't cause that same reaction in men?!:D
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