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what to add to it. how do you teach shaping? she seem to take to the Schnauzer side and is very terrier like is their any games to teacher?
"Shaping" starts with the following. Take a complex behavior that you want your dog to do and break it down into its component parts (Like A+B+C). Then teach each part in order (like A first, then A+B, then A+B+C). Combining the individual pieces builds up the complete behavior. The pieces can be completely new, or they can be things that have already been learned. Since you can combine already learned behaviors -which may themselves be tricks - there is often a "preferred" teaching sequence for a particular trick.

This is just one method to teaching your dog complex behaviors. There are other methods that seem to work better on certain dog personalities. For example, the method known as incidental training - sometimes called "free shaping" - often works better for terrier type personalities.

With dog training, experience matters A LOT. If this is the first time you have trained a dog, it would be very advantageous to consider taking some formal training classes with your dog.

Trick training classes are often taught as a follow on to the basic obedience classes. If you don't want to take a formal class, there are many books and web resources available. But if you don't have experience, I do suggest you consider taking classes.
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