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new to this forum and already need help.

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hi everyone my name is sean and im 23 i have just adopted a puppy from a shelter and i loove him so far. so i got him on saterday 2 days ago hes a boxer hound mix hes estimated 11 weeks old. my problem is i just took him to pet smart to get him some new toys and a spiral steak and tie out, a new chew toy and a mini rib bone which he absolutely loves. but i noticed after i gave it to him and went to pat him he froze then growled at me. my gf who has had dogs before went to pat him and he growled at her she grabbed his collar and yanked him away from the bone and took the bone away. so me trying to make the dog realize we dont want to take it away and want him to have it i took it and put it in front of his face so he could see i wanted to give it to him. i then gave it to him and started patting him he seems to be 100x better about it but want to know if this is something i should be worried about or is he still adjusting to not having to fight with his brothers for stuff? any consideration is greatly appreciated and i and looking forward to many discussions and chats with you guys thnx for reading and thank you for your time.
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Resource guarding is not unusual in pups, especially shelter pups who may have had to fight for the good stuff. There are many posts here about it, and a great book for the problem is "Mine" by Jean Donaldson. Do NOT let your girlfriend do what she did as it basically teaches the dog that he's right about not trusting humans around his "stuff"
thank you for the qick responese u put my mind somewhat at ease. heres a few pics
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Try the trade up game: every time you take something away, he gets something even better. Always give back the things you take away, and don't make him wait long, since he's a pup. Here's an example: give him a bone. He starts to chew. You walk over and show him that you have some tasty treats (something extra good - maybe organ meat, hot dogs, or cheese). When he drops the bone, give him a couple of treats while you take it away. Give it back and repeat. You're teaching him that when you take things away from him, it's a good thing.

Also feed by hand and try holding one end of the bone while he chews the other.

Whatever you do, don't punish the growl. Dogs who get punished for growling stop giving that warning and just move straight to the bite.
he hasent growled or anything since the rib bone incident hopefully that is over with he was eating earlier and i put my hand right in his bowl and he didn't care at all.
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