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New to the forum!

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Hi, :wave: I was looking some things up about training my pup, and came across this forum. He is a 3.5 month old purebred German Shepherd, and it has been interesting! He came from a breeder giving him away, because she did not know what to do with him... People recommended euthanising him, but she did not want to if she didn't have to!

So far he knows to pee outside (with the occassional peeing indoors, but now only on linoleoum rather than the carpet!) but the little fella just won't poop outside... Even if I catch him before he poops indoors! :doh: Any tips for that would be awesome :)

"Sight Impaired? What do you mean?" The breeder said she thought he was blind. However since we've had him, we have noticed he can "kind of" see. Whether it be shadows and light, or double vision. When he goes to a vet we'll get them to check it out. He's learned "step down" and "step up" and he won't wander off during a walk... He keeps very close to you! We've gotten him out of being beneath your feet while on walks though!

Going up the stairs he's awesome at... Down is a different story! His bum goes faster than his front :3 He has gone down the stair a few times, with me guiding him by his collar, so it isn't all bad!


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Awesome!! :) I used to post on YahooAnswers but they are quite....useless. "Go find a trainer and pay him." Sometimes that is not how it works. :p So it'll be nice to get some awesome people's awesome opinions and suggestions here!
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