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New to the forum, here's my pooches

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Here is Amber and Angel, they cant be seperated(left to right)

And here is all four of my dogs together, Amber 3months, Angel 3yrs, Kane 5years, & Todo 15yrs.
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I totally thought the poodle in the first picture was a toy.....

Very cute dogs :D
Woah - is the dog on the left a dog or a stuffed animal? I don't think dogs should get that cute! lol :D

Love them all - too cute!
thank you! Everyone thinks that Ambers a little stuffed animal, shes just evil! lol
and they're all in need of a haircut
How cute!! What a darling fur-family you have there!
Welcome to the forums! Cannot wait to see some more pictures :)
thank you! and im sure i will enjoy it here, and i will be sure to post mor pictures soon, if i can get them to keep still for a second,
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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