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New to Forum, Not a Dog Expert...Help Guess My Dog's Mix :)

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Hi all. Just joined the forum as it looks like a great place for info and tips and whatnot, and was really curious to see what some more dog-knowledgeable people may think of my particular mix.

Jax is a craigslist find I picked up the first week of January. I'm "single," as my fiance still lives in Alabama for the foreseeable and I'm in stationed in Texas, so I've stuck to cats up to this point. Have one, and took in a second that was a stray. She passed away, and will my better half was here a few weeks I started looking more into getting a dog. Love huskies, so I searched craigslist and came across a post for Jax, "6 month old husky/lab mix." I called the guy, turned out it was another Soldier with health issues and he'd basically picked up Jax two months prior and just got too active/energetic/young/large dog for what he can handle with his own issues. The picture wasn't very clear, but we went to have a look, as the guy was only asking $20 and that was with a travel kennel, new big bag of food, anchor and chain for the yard, and various other toys and whatnot.

Of course, I kept waiting for Kim to tell me this was a bad idea, but she never did. Even as we got there and the dog went absolutely crazy with excitement (and I'd previously said that if he turned out to be a crazy nut case, I was probably more likely to take him even). And the name, I grew up in Jacksonville, FL and have been a Jaguars fan since day one, so Jax was just too fitting of a name. So off we went with my new-found buddy.

Now, with all the back story out of the way...there's always debate over what he is. As I said, the previous owner claimed husky-lab mix, also saying that he knew the original owner, who also had a sister of Jax's. He has the ears, he has very husky-like shading down his sides, along with the dark coarse stripe from neck to tail. His tail curls up high more often than not. He's not a fan of water. I've given him plenty of opportunities to dive into lakes and he will hardly go ankle-deep. He's usually crazy energetic, likes to chew on things, loves to run. I have no doubt of the husky part.

It's the lab I'm unsure of. I'm far from a dog-expert and know little more than the common breeds, but he does seem to have a pit-shaped head. A little on the short side, with the swept forehead. My description may be poor, but he simply looks as if he may have some pit in him, though perhaps lab as well, I don't know well enough to rule that out either.

Hearing people guess is always entertaining. I've heard it all, from German Shepherd, Akita, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Australian Cattledog, and Pit has been mentioned more than once, of course.

Just wondering if anyone may have any other, or more specific input. I figure I'll probably get around to trying out one of the DNA tests in the not-so-distant future out of curiosity. Despite the guy saying husky/lab, and knows who they came from, etc etc, he did live on-post and they have stricter regulations so not mentioning "pit mix" may have made things easier. I don't know, but ya'lls guesses are as good as (or better) than mine. I'm curious, but regardless, love my $20 Craigslist find that everyone guesses at, but every attempt comes back to compliments on him being gorgeous, whatever he is!

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What a beautiful dog. I am not good at guessing the breeds but I am sure someone here will figure it out.
My guess is Husky/Pit or pitt/german Shep.
Thanks for the input so far! I tend to lean more towards the Husky thought rather than GSD, from the shading in his coat and the ears being more husky-like than the larger ears of a GSD. Of course, the ears could be smaller due to the mix, and who knows where the shading could come from. Obviously he doesn't have the pattern in the face. He's around 8 months old currently and just weighed in at 56 pounds, if that makes any difference to anyone lol

In any case, the opinions here, as well as from other people, are only leading me to further research the possibilities and wondering more and more just due to the curiosity of it.

And of course, I'm bias towards Husky anyway lol
And I see cattledog.... I agree, don't see Lab. I also don't see Pit ? I don't see Ridgeback. My dog is a Lab-GSD ... etc. mix. He also has a coarse stripe that I think is genetic remnants of an outer coat, while most of his coat is more like a softer, shorter-haired undercoat. Similar to yours?

I don't suggest the DNA test, I consider it more for entertainment than for education - the results may be accurate, but they don't seem to provide useful info, yet. Also, my guess is that he will not make it to 70 lbs. Since you said you were a new owner, I'll volunteer:
1. http://www.dogstardaily.com/free-downloads free downloads for some guidance, take some advice with a grain of salt.
2. If he is nipping you in play, then look into Bite Inhibition - a Sticky: The Bite Stops Here - in the new dog area.
3. Start introducing him to a lot of friendly people, take him driving when you go on errands.
4. Try to find a few compatible dogs to socialize him with, as well as to play with. You may wait on DogParks for a few weeks.
5. Get him a Kong and a hard rubber bone to chew on.
6. Teach him to pay attention to his name, to Sit, Down, Stay, Come, and anything else that you're interested in. We can help, a little.
7. If you have the time, Take him for a 30 min. walk in the morning, 30 min. in the afternoon, and a 10 -15 min walk to cool off just before bed. If you can find a fenced in area to let him off leash to run, that's great, too. Training and walking will help burn some energy.
8. If you notice that he has some predictable behaviors that you like - stretching, yawning, shaking, crawling - then attach a name to the behavior and give a tiny little treat when he does it ... you may get some auto-training.
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Thanks for all the tips!

I agree and realize that with the DNA test, but I figure for around $50 it may be worth the input and at least a good chuckle. The previous owner also claimed Jax was UTD on all vaccinations and that there'd also been a blood test to figure out his breeds (despite having claimed to have known where Jax and a sibling came from). In any case, nothing to back up any of it, so I took it for what it was worth (very little). The obvious truth was that the man had not long since acquired a dog that was simply far too much for him.

You hit it exactly on his coat. Aside from the coarse stripe, the rest is very short, very soft, and he doesn't shed too much. The Ridgeback comment I simply took as someone that either didn't know much himself, or knows of them anyway and saw the stripe and thought "oh!" I haven't put my finger on the cattledog yet but it doesn't strike me as necessarily impossible.

He's pretty well behaved, for the most part. Knows to sit and shake. Socializes fairly well, aside from wanting to do the dirty deed with some. He quickly learned that going to the car is a good thing; the door will open and he hops into his crate to go to the park. The only real drawback I have is not having a fenced yard, but trying to convince my landlord to fence the yard, and in any case we get to the park nearly daily and he's definitely a different dog on those evenings.

Unfortunately, I just randomly found out I have a 3-week trip to take, and have really been trying to avoid putting him in a kennel for nearly 3 weeks after only having had him since Jan 8. Thankfully, I have family on the way to where I'm going though and they've offered to take him in, so we should be alright. Really would hate to risk losing the progress I've made with him in getting him to calm down and do well in the house.

Great dog, very fitting for me, we just have a little work to do to get him to be as good as he should be.
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I'm guessing cattle dog x pit bull mix. It's very common to "hide" pit bull mixes as "lab mix".

Whatever he is, he's adorable.
I see Husky/Pit Bull mix. He's a nice looking dog and welcome to the forum.
Thanks for the warm welcome and the educated guesses! I love how puzzling it is, having a random mix, and every new breed or combo of breeds that gets mentioned, I end up looking up images and looking into personality/behaviors.
His face screams Akita to me, I thought that as soon as I saw him. He sure is a beautiful dog, lucky you!!
I'm voting for pit/husky. I thought the Akita possibility was interesting, but you just don't see too many of those "running around the neighborhood."
There are 2 intact male Akita's in my local shelter waiting for new homes, they were found as strays so I guess anything is possible.
Stranger things have happened, right? Like anyone that has read my posts above has probably figured out, I really don't know Jax's background. Got him Jan 8, previous owner said he'd only had him about 2 months, was about 6 months old, Husky/Lab, UTD w/ the vet but no paperwork for that nor the blood work he said had been done to confirm the breeds. I emailed him back a few days later asking if he could tell me the vet he'd used and he actually said he hadn't but that the original owner had everything done, and of course the blah blah he knows a friend that has a sibling from the same litter, etc etc. I took it for what little it was worth and I've proceeded to have vaccinations done and all, making sure he's good to go.

I'd like to hope against the Akita thing, if for no reason other than size. They get to be rather large... lol and I've been hoping he'd get no bigger than about 60 pounds, but just had him weighed for the first time before being neutered Friday. Came in at 56 lbs and is probably around 8 months, so I'm thinking maybe he gets up to about 70 possibly? Hopefully no larger. (will love him either way though!)
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Anyone see any Chow? First time I've heard that one was today, and it was actually twice from different people in the park.
Akita mix, I do see a lot of akitas in the shelter, nearly as many as huskies. I would think his hair would be longer if it was a husky. Plus his markings aren't consistent with husky.
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