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Hello, my name is Julia.
I currently have 5 dogs, 3 coming in to my home at over a year. I just got a new baby boy name Nugget.
Nugget is 4 months old and I believe he just got his first "RED ROCKET" or erection if you must. It went down fine with no problems, but I was curious to know just how old do dog's/puppies normally start getting these? Is there a age too early? Do you believe he will start humping/mounting soon, how would I prevent this? I do not want to have him nurtured. I have had very mixed opinions' on this by vet's and experts alike. Some believe in neutering because it prevents testicular cancers. Some believe it prevents dogs from being aggressive and controls their behaviors.
Others believe that neutering does really nothing of the sort. I tend to agree with the "others". My none neutered dogs are very healthy looking in stature and not aggressive at all... but my BF has two dogs that are neutered and have picked up ALLOT of weight after getting fixed and are still very aggressive and haven't changed in behavior at all for the better...
Do you believe that getting a dog neutered makes them put on weight? Because this is what I have seen.

My dogs are not outside dogs and are very well watched, so I don't worry about them over populating the world with mutts! (which is why most believe in chopping the sacks). I am pretty set on not neutering my new pup unless of course it really needed to be done, but obviously I want what is best for my dog so I will take any advise. Thanks and have a good day.<Julia,Ashley,Nugget,Tee,Midge,Meanie& Evlis.
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