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New to forum from SW FL

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Hi all - been browsing the board for a couple days and found some valuable info here so I decided to finally register. Two weeks ago we added a female GSD pup we named Jetta to our family of 4 plus 2 cats. She's nearly 11 weeks old at this point. So far she's done great with adapting to the kids and cats, plus crate training and house breaking. Still the occasional accident now and then, but becoming very infrequent now. I wasnt sure if she'd be too young to catch on, but she's actually been able to grasp sit and stay commands for a training treat about 80-90% of the time. We're still working on the biting/mouthing...my 3 year old son gets apprehensive when Jetta gets excited...he doesn't realize that she's only playing when he feels those sharp puppy teeth. I've already been in touch with our local Schutzhund Training group and plan on taking her there for socializing/training once her shots are all up to date.

This is the first dog we've had in some time. My wife and I have always had cats; but I was raised with GSDs for years. My father was a K9 officer in the military and that was always his breed of choice for a pet; which is why I chose one now for my family. I know how smart and loyal GSDs are and what great companions they can be for kids. So naturally I wanted my kids to experience that as well. At 3 & 6, I think they're about the right age to create a bond and grow up with Jetta.

Looks like this group are all pretty dedicated to their dogs and I look forward to talking to you all =^)

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Welcome to DF :D

Cute pup!

Sounds like your going to give her a great life!
Hi and welcome to the forum:D
Jetta is so sweet!
Hi ever1 and welcome! Cute pup you have there! :)
Hi! Congratulations! Jetta looks like such a good looking pup!
Thanks for the welcomes! Look forward to getting to know more of you :)
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