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Hi all:wave:. I am new to the forums but I'm a seasoned canine companion. My current furry friend is a lab mix adopted from the local shelter a few years ago. Other than allergies, she is the sweetest, most social and well behaved dog despite her tumultuous start in life. I live in a city where our housing developments are making the move to prevent dogs from the public spaces. So our area of exploration has greatly reduced. To ensure she can socialize and exercise I take her to the dog park. I know dog parks are not recommended but its becoming the only space she is allowed in. But she's not the real reason I'm here. I'm asking for guidance for her best friend, a 3 year old neutered Australian shepherd. He has always been vocal and most trips to the park, he gets on just fine with the other dogs. He is a beautiful sweet boy but on the rare occasion, out comes Mr Hyde. Just like someone flipped a switch, he goes from vocal to louder and more aggressive. My friend and I don't know what causes it or what to do about it to change the behavior. In all cases he was just playing with the dog 5 minutes before with no issues. He growls, snarls and chases the other dog unrelentingly. The other dog doesn't seem to be instigating the behavior either. My friend desperately tries to get him to stop, calling him, being firm with her commands but he turns a deaf ear to her that under normal circumstances he would be totally obedient. When she gets her hands on him, she immediate takes him home to prevent potential bites. He's never bitten another dog but we don't want to find out whether he would. Every time this happens I see the sadness in her face. I think she is going to give up and not bring him so that means hes going to be stuck inside all the time. Her dog is very attached to her and she with him. She wants him to be the sweet well behaved boy that he typically is. I have no idea what tips to suggest to help her curb the behavior as I've never had a dog act that way so I'm hoping some of you may be able to help me with techniques to try. Did any of you have an australian shepherd that acts this same way? How did you handle it? Thanks in advance.
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