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I am not new to dogs... I've had a big sloppy dog, or three, all my life; however, they've all been large, solid dogs. I have recently inherited my dad's toy sized (Yorkie/Yorkie-Poo/Yorkie-Crested/Kraaken) little dog we call "Gummi." He is 10 and came to my dad from what we think was an abusive situation (long story for another time). My dad was quite elderly and he loved this little fluff ball. Sadly after my dad became ill and had dementia sneak up on us, this little dog came to me unsocialized, no potty training, and generally terrified and withdrawn. He was down to 4 pounds which made his vet quite worried, but in the 4 months I came on the scene (He's been with us at home 2 months now) he is up to a solid 6.2 pounds. I did have his mouth issues addressed and he now only has 3 teeth, but feeling great and able to eat well again.

After two months at our home, Gummi is mostly housebroken (perfect until you ignore his "signals"), is happy to mix with our huge dog (Pyrenees/Lab mix) and our two cats who are both bigger than he is. They all mixed well from the moment we brought him home. He has become more social, but still a bit shy. I appear to be his bonded person and I'm good with that.

I want to pick experienced brains on little dog behavior and ways to work with this teeny little man. He is definitely wiggled his weeny way into my heart and I want to do the best for him. Looking forward to this forum!

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