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I love dogs! They are amazing, loyal, kind animals. My own dog is Cinnamon, a sweet mini golden-doodle who just loves being with people, loves walks, and loves food!
The rest of the pack include his brother (Cedar), Rax (a standard goldendoodle), Esther (cock-a-poo), Blonquita (malta-poo), Gerbil (toy poodle). We've owned and baby-sat many other dogs, however, all the dogs we own are poodle mixes because my family has allergies.
They are wonderful! So wonderful and so amazing!

Gerbil, if you were wondering, was named that because we were going to the store to look for rodents and found him instead. : )

Thanks for letting me join! I look forward to learning more about dogs, as I plan to eventually start a rescue for them.
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