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Hi everyone,
Joined this forum to learn more about dogs in general and ask for anyone's advice or experience with dogs that hate crates. I have a 1 yr old husky that sleeps on the bedroom floor at night, goes to work with my wife (mostly sleeps on the office floor) and seems to have separation anxiety whenever we try to leave him in the crate. I started out leaving treats in the crate for him to find and always giving him peanut butter in a kong but he always seems to start drooling from anxiety right from the start when he was 10 weeks old. I can see the dripping even after leaving him in there for <5min.
I have also fed him his meals in the crate.
Activity wise he goes for a 2 mi walk and 3.5 mile jog almost every week day and plays with other dogs at least once a week. He also plays fetch with me in the house with his toys.
I'm thinking about buying a new or used 10x10 or 10x15 cage to put in the basement to see if it is just the enclosure he hates. Has this ever worked for anyone?
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