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How am I a sorta dog owner lol. Well we got new neighbors a couple months back and they have a dog a lab/chow/ and other things mixed but looks like a lab. Name is Rifus, and he is a rescue dog. They found him in a ditch full of water cold and scared. Our neighborhood is a more feline type area. Cats everywhere. I have several and so on. So a new dog on the scene was exciting for my teenage son who wants a dog. fast forward. It took a while for Rufus to warm up to me. They had him on a leash tied to their back porch and he would get tangled up so bad so I told them they could use my closeline as a runner. He loves that but he is about 40to 60 lbs and very much still a puppy. He will run so hard and choke hisself. Well I started trying to take him for walks and that is a no go he pulls to the point of choking that I don't feel comfortable doing it. And he enjoyed the walks. But they say a dog can not have 2 masters. The dog is calm when his owners are with him and super excited when he sees me or my son. I have tried to be stearn but idk. My son is alot better at it but he is a teenager and they tend to be flippy floppy.

I guess I am on here to ask for help, advise anything to help me to help him. His owners are good people but they work and have 2 small children. And I guess didn't realize the huge responsibility they were undertaking when they rescued this dog. They have never had a dog either. So we are all newbies.

I would like some advise on harnesses so we can walk him. And leashes and stuff
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