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It looks like Max could use a good deshedding! (Sorry, I'm a groomer...) ;)

The girls are cute, too. Erick is right, I think, about their tails being out of the AKC standard:

The well furred tail of fox-brush shape is set on just below the level of the topline, and is usually carried over the back in a graceful sickle curve when the dog is at attention. When carried up, the tail does not curl to either side of the body, nor does it snap flat against the back. A trailing tail is normal for the dog when in repose. Hair on the tail is of medium length and approximately the same length on top, sides and bottom, giving the appearance of a round brush. Faults--A snapped or tightly curled tail; highly plumed tail; tail set too low or too high."


...but that doesn't matter if they are or will be altered.

Speaking of sled dogs, I'm reading "The Cruelest Miles" right now and would highly recommend it:

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