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I hope it's OK to post about this; I just re-read the forum rules and there's a lot of "No spamming" warnings. But this show seems perfect for this forum. I'm just a fan, I swear!

The show is called America's Next Top Dog and it's a parody of reality dating shows. The actors are all dogs. Real dogs. The millionaire is a boy dog choosing from ten female dogs (yeah, I know what they're called). The females are all spoofs of celebrities, like Lindsay Lohan or Sarah Palin.

At the end of the show, there's a whole segment about giving money to the North Shore Animal League (a no-kill shelter) and the American Humane Society (which helps dogs AND kids...odd combination). So it's all for a good cause, I guess.

It's produced by Lorenzo Borghese, who runs a pet product company (I won't plug that here) and is a well-known advocate for dogs.

So, there you go. Mods, I'm prepared for my warning.
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