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I have a 3y6m old, male/neutered, blue heeler/mix (Jaxtir) thats been with me since he was 2 months old. He is extremely playful and energetic dog. He is very well behaved and we have had a great releationship for over 3 years.

I have recently moved and got a bigger backyard and wanted my buddy to have a playmate and decided to adopt from my local shelter. I adopted a 1 year old female chatahoula leopard/mix (Lucy) about 3 weeks ago.

She was not spayed when I adopted her, as she was sick with kennel cough and in poor health. The shelter had scheduled her but the vet opted not to do the surgery. She is now very healthy and scheduled to be spayed in 3 days.

On 2 occasions the new dog (Lucy) has attacked the resident dog (Jaxtir). The first time they were outside... I had gone out to visit and when I went in the fight erupted. The new dog bit Jaxtir pretty good on his front leg, all I saw of the fight was them rolling in the yard and then Jaxtir hobbling off to his dog house. She did draw blood on him.

Second time was tonight (3-4 days later), I brought them inside to get out of the heat and filled thier water bowls with ice cubes and gave them each one to eat on. Lucy ignored hers and Jaxtir laid down and started enjoying his. Lucy followed me to the other room until I sat down, then turn and went for Jaxtirs ice cube, vicously (walking over hers in the process).

I quickly ended the dispute with some HEY! attention getting yelling, Jaxtir went running off to lay down and Lucy just kinda hunched down, I had her attention. I seperated them for a bit and then about 15mins later did some reward based sit/stay exercises.

Lucy Background:
The first thing I noticed about Lucy is... she hasnt been named Lucy for very long. Ive checked, she isnt deaf! She is a hunter, she is constantly on the hunt for this squirrel in the backyard, I look back there and she is looking up in the trees... always. She isnt interested in play toys etc so far.

She is house broken, least no accidents in 3 weeks and I occasionally leave them inside when at work. She is loving, and Ive had no problems from her around other people.

The attack in the kitchen over the ice cube makes me think she may have been out on her own for awhile and fighting for survival/food. She did like a stach and grab move! She was 33 lbs when I got her, she is now 37lbs at the vet a couple days ago. She should probably be 40-45lbs.

Jaxtir Backgroud:
Extremely well behaved loving dog. In our time Ive seen him attacked by a few dogs, he has always run off and Ive yet to see him fight back. He is very annoying to other dogs sometimes though, as in he is always poking at them with is nose, he wants them to play with him. And even if they snap/growl/bark at him he thinks they are playing and will constantly return to the annoyed dog until a attack or he finds something else that gets his attention.

He was like this with Lucy at first when they met. Then Lucy snapped at him pretty good and he has stopped since then. They do play together, sleep together, etc

So, I am just trying to see if there is anything that might help them adjust. From what I read if your dogs cant get along after 4 months they probably never will. Im pretty attached to both of them... What can I do to help them adjust, if this is a dominance thing should I pick a side? and when?

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