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New Service Dog handler questions

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Hello All,

I've just got my dog back from training to be a hearing dog. I've read the applicable part of the ADA that addresses Service Dogs and understand I'm not required to register with one of the online registries or for her to wear a harness when she's working but I'm wondering about real-world experience. What do you do to make it easier to deal with any challenges about your dog being a Service Dog?

Thank you
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I do not have a service dog, but a good SD harness is important in my opinion. While it isn't required it gives people the chance to make the right choice in not bothering you or your dog. If they decide to despite the harness then they have no excuse.
Even with non SDs some of us get harnesses with a big DO NOT PET or DO NOT DISTRACT on it just so people stop harassing us.
That’s a great point. Thank you!
Access. Be prepared to be hassled over it. Be sure that your dog will be able to cope with the situation you are going to be in when out and about. Because people can send in $XXX to some online organization and get their untrained, unsuited to the job pet "certified" as a service dog, complete with impressive looking ID card and harness patches, there are a lot of dogs out there that shouldn't be. There was a case here in Texas just last month where a dog that was known to be aggressive/reactive, but who was out in public wearing a service dog vest, bit a little girl on the face.
That’s crazy. It’s always the lowest common denominator that makes things difficult for everyone else.
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