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Hello all,
I'm new here but wanted to join to be able to chat with fellow dog lovers :) Here is Jasper, a 12 week old German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Husky, Saint Bernard mix. I love him to pieces he is so much fun! I've been wondering if his ears will go up or stay floppy. I figure he has a 50/50 shot due to the breed mixes we know and his parents (dad had erect, mom had floppy). I wanted to get all your opinions on if you think they may end up erect or not. He's only our 2nd dog and the first dog has little floppy ears so I have no experience with ear development lol. They are usually floppy like in the first picture, however lately they have been perking up a bit from time to time, like the 2nd picture. (they don't stay that way though) Let me know what you think!
Thanks all!

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