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New Puppy

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My mum found these puppies and Immediately fell in love with them. After Visiting, my Mum realised it looked like a puppy farm. She felt bad and got one of the Females she already wanted. The advert said they were weaned and 8 weeks and ready to go. As we got home the puppies nose was streaming and shes really confused about eating wet food. I have no idea what to do. She's drinking water out of the bowl fine but with the food that's a different story.
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What do you mean the puppy's nose was "streaming?"

Make the canned food a little warm and add a little water to make a "gruel." She may eat that. OR you can buy Esbilac Powder (puppy milk replacer) and mix it according to directions and add it to wet food. Do not feed cow's milk as that can give diarrhea.
Thank you. We took her to a pets at home vet and her nose was running and streaming with snot.
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