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My husband and I just brought home a 3 month old German Shepherd last month and we are running into some difficulties. This is my first time training a young puppy and could use some help.

She was raised, up until we brought her home, outside with all of her siblings with little human interaction. We brought her home to a house with a cat and a dog already here. Our first dog, Coal, is 1.5 years old.

So the issue I'm running into is that the new puppy has more interest in chasing Coal around than playing with my husband and myself. I have tried separating them when I can't play with them. My hope with this was that they would each get more individual play time with me then with each other. The separation has not been consistent, because I can not be home to make sure it gets done, so nothing has changed.

Also, when is the best time to start training her things like sit, stay, lay down?

How do I get her to want to play with us and focus less on Coal? Is this something that will just come with time as she gets older?
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