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New puppy with other dog

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Hello new to the forum. I have a 5 year old mixed breed about 40lb. She is a wonderful dog. I also just got a rat terrier. He is about 12 weeks old now. We got
Him at 8 weeks. The dogs play great and my older dog is very controlled during the play. But my question is how rough can I let the puppy get with my older dog. He doesn’t stop. He will even grab onto her coat on the side or under her neck and just hold on for dear life. And he will growl When he starts getting going. But it’s not an aggressive growl. Do I let my older dog dictate how rough I let the puppy be. Or should I stop the puppy when he starts to hold
Onto my dogs coat. Thanks. I can upload videos if necessary.
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If puppy is being super obnoxious, yes, interrupt. Some older dogs will correct puppies, and others do not because, well, they're puppies. They get a puppy pass. I would watch some videos on dog body language, too. Your older dog may already be letting the puppy know that he is being too obnoxious, subtly. If your pup is ignoring the signals, immediately intervene. If you're noticing that the puppy is backing off or "apologizing", it's probably okay. Dogs are generally pretty good at communicating with each other, but sometimes the young ones need some help!
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