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New puppy with other dog

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Hello new to the forum. I have a 5 year old mixed breed about 40lb. She is a wonderful dog. I also just got a rat terrier. He is about 12 weeks old now. We got
Him at 8 weeks. The dogs play great and my older dog is very controlled during the play. But my question is how rough can I let the puppy get with my older dog. He doesn’t stop. He will even grab onto her coat on the side or under her neck and just hold on for dear life. And he will growl When he starts getting going. But it’s not an aggressive growl. Do I let my older dog dictate how rough I let the puppy be. Or should I stop the puppy when he starts to hold
Onto my dogs coat. Thanks. I can upload videos if necessary.
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If the puppy starts to be a brat, interrupt him, removing him and putting him in his crate for a few minutes if need be. There is the distinct possibility that if he is allowed to continue this, by the time he's an adult and looses his "puppy license" you older dog will decide that enough is enough, and start telling him to knock it off, and then you will have a real mess on your hands. .
You really do need to be stepping in now. Some adult dogs will tolerate a LOT from a puppy that they wouldn't from another adult. Then, one day, they decide that the puppy is an adult, and the "correction" could result in vet bills and two dogs that have to be kept separated for the rest of their lives.

Also, if your puppy decides that it's okay to hang onto your dog, there is a good chance that they will think that it's okay to hang onto any other dog like that. I don't know if our pup is a Standard or a Miniature, but if he's on the smaller side, and tries it with a much larger dog who isn't as tolerant as you other dog, you could wind up with a seriously injured, or even dead, Rat Terrier.
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