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New puppy with other dog

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Hello new to the forum. I have a 5 year old mixed breed about 40lb. She is a wonderful dog. I also just got a rat terrier. He is about 12 weeks old now. We got
Him at 8 weeks. The dogs play great and my older dog is very controlled during the play. But my question is how rough can I let the puppy get with my older dog. He doesn’t stop. He will even grab onto her coat on the side or under her neck and just hold on for dear life. And he will growl When he starts getting going. But it’s not an aggressive growl. Do I let my older dog dictate how rough I let the puppy be. Or should I stop the puppy when he starts to hold
Onto my dogs coat. Thanks. I can upload videos if necessary.
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I had a very similar situation with my standard poodle puppy Jet and my elderly giant schnauzer Cas. Cas let the little puppy do whatever he wanted, but then the puppy wasn't so little anymore and suddenly one day when the puppy went in to boisterously play as usual, Cas just about ate him. (Luckily Cas has good bite inhibition so he didn't actually leave a mark on the pup, but if he were an impulsive dog he could have done real damage.) After that, Cas was snarly and annoyed by the very sight of the puppy for a good couple months, and I was worried I was going to have to keep them separated indefinitely, as the size difference made disagreements especially dangerous (Cas is about 100 lbs when fit, and the puppy was about 35 lbs at the time).

Luckily it all worked out - the puppy grew up and developed some manners, and now they're buddies again - but in retrospect I should have nipped those behaviors in the bud and not let the situation escalate in the first place. Jet is 15 months old now so he's still pretty hyper, so I make a point to not let him badger Cas, because I want them to stay friends. I just call Jet off or redirect his behavior (e.g. giving him a toy) if he's being too rough or persistent with Cas, and if that doesn't work, I give him a little time-out to settle down.
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