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New Puppy Poop Question

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So my 12 week old French Bulldog Bacon poops a LOT. I mean 5 or 6 times a day. My concern is that at the end of the day, after dinner he has a regular poop and then a few minutes later it's followed by diarrhea. Then in the morning it's solid again and throughout the day it's solid and then come evening, diarrhea. He's otherwise happy and healthy, eating a ton and drinking lots of fluids. And the diarrhea looks normal brown. I didn't know if anyone else found this to be the norm. And I'm wondering if it's the treats I give him throughout the day for training that's making his stools soft?(Wellness Puppy Treats). Otherwise he eats premium food that the breeder recommended. Ideas? Thoughts? He also had an ordeal last Friday night where he ate something toxic and ended up in the ER, but after a couple days bland diet he's back to his normal eating.
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It's PetSmart's premium brand called Simply Nourish. Vet said it was good.

He's getting at least 10-15 treats a day. Little ones.

But yes, before the ER visit his stools were pretty solid so it could also be the GI tract is still a little sensitive. I'll give it a few more days. Next week he goes in for his fourth round of shots and I can ask the vet then.
He's about 10.5 pounds and I did recently up his food from 3/4 Cup twice a day to 1 1/4 Cup twice a day. So maybe it's too much too fast? I was just going by what the package said. While he was recovering from the ER visit I was just giving him boiled chicken and boiled white rice and then added some kibble over the next couple of days until it was just kibble and in the process upped him to the higher amount of food. He devours it though. Thanks for all your thoughts so far.
Once again great info. Thanks so much. I'll decrease tomorrow and see how it goes. He probably has solid poops in the morning because he isn't eating for 12 hours and then during the day with snacks and dinner he's probably over eating and getting a bit of an upset tummy. Thanks again!
So far it looks like you were right, that I'm over-feeding the dog, or rather upped his food too quickly, as opposed to over time. He had solid poops all day yesterday after cutting back and today he's pooped less so far. I thought maybe the Simply Nourish was a bad brand but it's recommended by that dogfoodadvisor site as a 4-star food so I'll keep it for now. Thanks again.
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