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New Puppy Poop Question

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So my 12 week old French Bulldog Bacon poops a LOT. I mean 5 or 6 times a day. My concern is that at the end of the day, after dinner he has a regular poop and then a few minutes later it's followed by diarrhea. Then in the morning it's solid again and throughout the day it's solid and then come evening, diarrhea. He's otherwise happy and healthy, eating a ton and drinking lots of fluids. And the diarrhea looks normal brown. I didn't know if anyone else found this to be the norm. And I'm wondering if it's the treats I give him throughout the day for training that's making his stools soft?(Wellness Puppy Treats). Otherwise he eats premium food that the breeder recommended. Ideas? Thoughts? He also had an ordeal last Friday night where he ate something toxic and ended up in the ER, but after a couple days bland diet he's back to his normal eating.
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What premium food do you feed? How much? How many treats does he get a day?

It could possibly be that he is just getting too much food. He might still have residual indigestion from the ER visit as well.
You could talk to your vet about probiotics to get his digestive system back in order. Plain non-fat yogurt with probiotics or pill probiotics could be options to consider.

I'm still wondering if you might be overfeeding slightly. How many cups of food is he getting a day? Even a small increase in food gives our dog diarrhea and loose stools but he's more sensitive than most dogs.
That's actually a pretty big increase, especially in one go. It's better to do an increase in small amounts (something like 1/10th of a cup) every couple days until you get it to a level where he is digesting well and growing well while maintaining a good figure.

Don't go by how hungry he seems, my dog would eat the entire bag of dog food in one sitting if I let him but that doesn't mean he needs it. It's better to go by how he looks, puppies tend to be a little pudgy in the tummy area but you should be able to see a waist from above. If he is getting skinny you can up the food and if he's getting too fat then reduce it.

The instructions on the bag are just a general guideline and tend to be on the high side. Every dog is different so you need to adjust the amount to your dogs needs.
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