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New Puppy Owner

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Hello Everyone,

My wife and I picked up our new addition Yesterday morning, a 9 week old Labradoodle Puppy called Ava.

This is our first time being puppy owners and I have a few questions.

When we first saw her at the Breeder's home she was very responsive to us and loved to play and hated it when I put her back in the play pen. Upon her arrival yesterday to her new forever home she was very nervous (understandably). This morning she has been much better and barely whined or barked when we left her in her crate last night to go to bed but she isn't eating much of her food and has only been to pee and poop once this morning. I thought 9 week old puppies need to go (and I've encouraged) very often during the day.

She also spends the majority of her time either sleeping in her crate (if I put her there) or lying/sleeping at my feet when I'm sitting on the sofa.

Is this normal for a puppy in a brand new environment? I hope we haven't broken her by doing something wrong! :(

I would be very grateful for any help possible please.

Thank you,

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Hi! When I first got my puppy, he was weird about going potty in new places. I'd bring him to a friend's overnight and he would completely refuse to go until we got home the next day. It might just take a little bit for her to get comfortable with the new place. He eventually grew out of it, though! And yes, puppies tend to sleep a LOT. Once she's a few months old she'll most likely become much more active.
I hope your new puppy is adjusting. We got a new puppy 3 weeks ago. She pees all the time it seems. She is a bundle of energy and always needs to go a few times after every meal and especially after playing. I feel like I am forever cleaning up pee accidents. But I have seen some improvement the last few days. We are both retired so we take her out almost every half hour other than when she is crated.
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