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New puppy okay with crate but now crying again?

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Hi everyone!

New to the forum, and hoping to get some advice on my new 11 week old blue heeler puppy.

I got her almost 2 weeks ago, and we immediately worked on crate and quiet training during our first weekend together. After a weekend of working on it, she was okay being put in the crate with busy toys, and didn't seem to cry or whine much when left for an hour or two. She would chew up her blanket, throw her water bowl around, and mess up her crate but generally speaking she was quiet.

She also has a dog walker who comes every 3 hours to let her go outside, and I take her on 1.5-2 hour long walks when I come home from work every night.

However, the last three days she has been terrible with the crying and whining. I'll put her in the crate with her busy toys, tell her bye like before, and then leave the room. However, she starts crying and howling almost immediately. I've tried ignoring her, and I don't return to the room or anything. I have told her "quiet!" from outside the door which sometimes works, but other times she will just continue to scream.

Is this something that is normal with puppies? Will she outgrow the crying phase in her crate? I just bought her a larger crate pad, a new water bowl, and a new fuzzy blanket in hopes that she will like her crate more. I also try to feed her meals in the crate, but she refuses to eat very much.

I'm just worried this behavior will get worse, and that my neighbors will start to become annoyed with her screams. She's a really smart dog, but I feel like nothing I do is working anymore. I've tried many techniques online for crate training, but it seems like she just doesn't care about her busy toys, and just freaks out, howls, and then eventually settles. I give her treats to get in the crate and sit, but once the door is closed and I leave she begins again.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I am going to try to retrain her this weekend again to reenforce what we've learned, but it just worries me that she was being quiet for awhile and has now decided to go back to screaming.

I'm just a worried new dog mama. :(
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