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new puppy is rude to older dog, help!

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I have a dog whom has been the only dog for the past two years. We recently was given a new puppy.

So, this puppy is rude and would take food, chews, and treats from the old dog. The old dog is now air nipping and barking at the puppy when she tries to take things, but she still persists.

So, what is the best way to prevent my older dog from being too pissed off at the new puppy? Or should I focus on teaching the puppy manners?
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I did separate my current puppy (Gibbs) from my older dog (Teagan). She's very soft and wouldn't correct him at all at first, and he pestered her ceaselessly. He also did the taking chews and toys away from her - right out of her mouth. When Teagan did start objecting a little, it would stop him for like 10 seconds and he'd start again. I figure it's my job to protect her. After all she didn't ask for a puppy. Also, while I can't imagine it happening, if she did finally get to the point of having had Enough, she could hurt him badly even with me right there.

So from the time I got Gibbs, he wasn't with Teagan except now and then for a few minutes. As soon as he got too pesty, he was behind a gate or in his ex-pen. He's 6.5 months old now and has been with Teagan almost all day for the last few weeks. He isn't any less exuberant, but he's figured out the boundaries pretty well. When he does get too pesty, I still pull him away. Two times I do that; 3d time and he's alone again for a while.
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