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New puppy ... help!

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I just got my Brittany puppy from a breeder on Monday, shes almost 9 wks old. She's very cute and came to me pretty much crate trained and in good behavior. I took her to my vet yesterday as part of the contract, and the vet told me she seems a little dominant. She told me to play with her ears, open her mouth ,play with her paws and to hold her on her back until she's calm, and give her a treat for each good behavior she shows after those exercises.

Today she's been biting me so I put her on her back and held her there like the vet suggested if she shows bad behavior. It didn't work at all, in fact soon as I let her go she comes back and bites my hand. She also will climb allover my 3 yr old daughter and lay on top of her.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do or try?
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That seems like a puppy acting like a puppy. Like little kids they have a tendency to see what you will and will not tolerate. And running back and biting is just a leftover habit from romping with littermates. However, i would put a stop to the biting asap, even mouthing IS NOT allowed lol. What i have found works best is grabbing the puppys lips in a mock "bite" not hard or anything, then i look directly in the eyes and firmly say "No". I've broken every puppy i've ever had this way in like 2 weeks. But every dog is different so .. i wish you luck! And enjoy your pup!!!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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