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New puppy has worms

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My new 10 week old puppy was given a worm treatment at the vet and at home and by her breeder and she is still passing worms. How long will this diarrhea and worm passing last? I'm freaking out, I won't lie, because I have two small children. One is almost crawling and one is two years and I'm worried they are going to get worms.
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Hello friends. I have a cat and dogs. And my children. The dog had worms. The vet gave treatment to my dog.
But I decided to buy medicine for the cat,
to guarantee the safety of my children.
I need all the healthy ones, children, a dog, a cat. I wonder where my dog got infected? She licks everything on the street. And how to immediately understand that she is sick? In order not to transmit the infection to others
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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