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New puppy and school starts Monday?

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This is my first post and I hope to be an active participant. I lost my 15 year old Jack Russell 'Coach' a month ago and my daughter was heart broken. I really tried to wait until next summer to get a puppy but she seemed to need a new focus so I broke down and got a puppy this week ... And boy is she a sweetie.

Kate, my ten year old daughter, and I went to the library, she did additional research on the Internet and she gave me a list of 5 dog breeds she was interested in.

We brought home a runt female Australian Shepard two days ago and we couldn't be happier. 'Little Bear' named after the tv show character that my 4 year old likes, as well as the fact that we had a mother Black Bear in our front yard the day we brought her home, is trying so hard to be a good puppy. She has not had an accident in the house and has slept through the night in her crate.

I know this message is too long so in the future when I have questions I will stay on point ... Here is my concern and where I am seeking advice.

1. I know about the demands of this breed, high energy, intelligent, herder, etc... So I really am looking for advice in keeping her busy when we start school.

2. She really seems to like being outside ... I have a fenced in area with an in the ground swimming pool, grass, and deck ... I would like to leave her outside on days when the weather is not an issue but I am concerned about her being by a pool unsupervised. I do have a large garage where she could stay and a play house shed if
the first option is considered too dangerous. I'm looking for advice.

3. Little Bear will be home by herself from 8 until 3:30. She already travels with the family to soccer games and I plan to take her to nearly every evening event. I certainly wish I could have had the whole summer to train her but I am well aware of what I face (it was 15 years ago that I worked with a high energy Jack). I anticipate the help that members are willing to supply on the forum.

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Welcome! So sorry to hear about your Coach.

A puppy being alone for almost 8 hrs a day is going to be a challenge. I lucked out with Bella because I had a stay-at-home friend/neighbor who would check in on her when we were gone during the day. Do you have anyone you would trust to let Little Bear out at least once or twice a day? You can think about daycare when he is older and is fixed & has shots. But right now it's gonna be tough.

That pool would scare me. I would not suggest letting the pup anywhere near it unless someone were RIGHT there until he becomes a very good swimmer and can get out of the pool without any help. Even then I would not leave a dog unattended around water anymore than I would a child.

Good luck! Oh - puppy pics never hurt either. =)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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