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New Puppy, Aggressive Cat

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I just brought home the sweetest little 4 month old bored collie-poodle mix and my cat is FURIOUS. I understand why, this is her home and hes new but i dont know exactly what to do. I have been keeping them seperate with a touch of interaction but she juts likes to swat at him and its terrifying the little guy. He definitely knows whos boss and has no problem letting her run the show. Im hoping they will calm down in a week or so, is this realistic? Shes already less stressed around him after 2 days but i dont want him to get hurt. Thanks!
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I don't think it's a bad thing for the dog to learn a healthy respect for a cat. It can cut down on some problems later on. I had a grown Siamese cat when I got Rai Li. She was 3 or 4 when I got Rai Li and lived to be almost 16. Since he has always been around cats, he was wonderful when I brought home our new 1 year old cat. She had issues, but because he was very respectful of her space and understood that hissing meant don't come any closer, she quickly got over her anxiety. She now charges at him (trying to play), but he's not interested. He thinks if he pretends not to see her that she will leave him alone hehe.

I would just make sure to watch them. Be sure to keep your puppy entertained so that it doesn't have so much energy to burn when around the cat.
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